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MWLA provides a full range of professional services from initial design consultation through concept plans and budgeting, construction drawings and approvals, and contract administration. 

We offer a range of service packages geared to each client’s individual needs. The design process is broken down into a number of stages and associated services. Our clients can select the combination of services best suited to their landscape design project.

Typical private residential projects are comprised of three stages:plant_rendering.png


PHASE 1 | Concept

1 |​Conduct initia​l interview and site visit to determine the scope of the project and the client’s needs.
2 |​Develop concept designs and present a pre-determined number of options in large format scaled drawings for client review, comment and budgeting review.
3 |​Prepare construction budget estimate.


PHASE 2 | Design Development

4 |Produce design development and construction drawings.
5 |Assist in obtaining any required municipal approvals and permits.

PHASE 3 | Contract Administration

6 |​Advise client of most suitable bidding process in order to select qualified contractor.
7 |Manage construction by regularly inspecting contractor’s work and producing detailed reports to ensure quality control.
8 |​Provide contract administration services such as review of contractor invoices and recommendation of payment schedules appropriate to timing of completed elements.
9| ​Undertake site inspection upon completion of project and at end of warranty period.